VPI: Cross Boring and Directional Drilling

Directional drilling is used to install conduits under obstacles such as roads, buildings, and wetlands. A typical application for directional drilling is the installation of conduits including water, sewer, fiber, electric, and gas, into busy intersections without the disruption of traffic. Although this process can be simple, usually placed away from congestion or business activities,

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Case Study: PDF and .KMZ Map Files

*Below is a case study conducted by a data and app integration company about GPRS, and the process of us creating and establishing an automated facility mapping service* GPRS Inc. had mastered the science of finding risks below ground. Now looking to deliver premier service in the cloud, they turned to automated data integration. Construction is

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GPRS Celebrates Our 20 Year Anniversary

Toledo, OH — Release: May 10, 2021 — For Immediate Release Today, GPRS announces its 20th anniversary as the industry-leading subsurface investigating contractor. Focusing primarily on utility locating and concrete scanning services for varying construction projects, GPRS founder and CEO, Matt Aston, started this journey with a single ground penetrating radar system and the headstrong will that

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GPRS Helps the NFL Prepare for Draft Day

Let’s travel back to the end of the 1995 NFL Season. After finishing towards the bottom of the AFC Central division, coupled with the Cleveland Indians moving from the field and taking their suite revenues with them, the Cleveland Browns were looking for a change. Then Browns owner, Art Modell, was looking to move the

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Construction Safety Week 2021

SAFETY WEEK 2021 | MAY 3rd – 7th Our entire team is committed to your safety and the safety of your job site so that you can go home at the end of the day. From our team to yours, work safe! ‍What is your plan for Construction Safety Week? ‍Please reach out to your

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2021 ASCE Infrastructure Report Card Summary

Over the last several years, much has been studied, analyzed, and written as it relates to the aging U.S. infrastructure. While GPRS does not pretend that we have the expertise to add high-level studies, data, or information to the ongoing conversation regarding infrastructure, we hope to provide a unique perspective from an industry contractor who

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This is the GPRS Origin Story

Today, GPRS (Ground Penetrating Radar Systems) is the largest private utility locator in the United States, with a nationwide network of more than 300 project managers in more than 54 major metro areas. Thanks to our proprietary Subsurface Investigation Methodology (SIM) industry specification, which includes intensive requirements for staff training and on-site processes far exceed

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Here Lie the Bodies of 11 American Soldiers; Known Only to God

First, Ground Penetrating Radar Systems traveled to New Jersey to help Fox  Nation potentially discover the remains of Jimmy Hoffa, former mob  associate and president of the Teamsters union. Through that journey, we used our state-of-the-art radar technology to help  find metal barrels and disturbed dirt of what is thought to be the final resting

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