GPRS Exceeds Standard Industry Deliverables

Complimentary Maps

We provide complimentary high-resolution maps in the form of pdf and kmz files with every outdoor utility locating project we perform. These maps are vital for keeping an accurate record of utilities’ locations for future construction work.

Outdoor Mapping

Field markings can be applied using paint, flags, stakes, or any other method requested by the client. GPRS Deliverables can create CAD files that document our outdoor utility locating results in addition to field markings and complimentary maps. Owners, engineers, and contractors can use this service to create or update as-built drawings.

Indoor Mapping

When locating indoor utilities, chalk and painter’s tape are commonly used instead of paint, sharpie, or other permanent markings. Our Project Managers are trained to ensure that all field markings are clear, accurate, and understandable to anyone viewing them. These markings can be used to create drawings and CAD files.

3D Cameras

Project Managers can utilize 3D cameras to document our interior findings at your site. These models are used to create a floor plan of your site in tandem with our results, added as linework, or to make 3D views and point clouds. The 3D views will allow your team to tour the site almost as if you were there yourself.

GPRS Deliverables

Each completed utility locating project is accompanied by a dynamic, zoomable satellite image overlay. The client receives the mapped results in kmz and pdf format, with the results overlaid on an aerial image, along with our notes. This can be beneficial for extensive facilities requiring an extra level of detail. However, when you don’t need the dynamic capabilities of our kmz files, pdfs are still an excellent option for printing and sharing.

Our utility locating projects include markings, photos, sketches, and complimentary pdfs and kmz files. In addition, we offer a post-project walkthrough with our project managers to ensure that you are on time, on budget, and safe.

Our mission is to be a simple solution for customers who need essential utility locating services. In addition to providing a nationwide service at a fixed rate, we can also produce deliverables that may be necessary for more complex projects. GPRS can produce CAD renderings, 3D laser scans, and more on request. In addition, GPRS is a forerunner in GPR technology and mapping and modeling services.

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