SIM Unveils New Video Pipe Inspection Specification

SIM or Subsurface Investigation Methodology aims to raise the quality of private subsurface investigation results by creating industry specifications. These specifications combine the requirements of experienced-based training, tested technologies, and proven application methods. The combination results in an industry standard for non-destructive investigation of underground utilities, scanning concrete, and now VPI. SIM as a standard will ensure safety, limit damage to underground and structural assets, and increase locator contractor accountability on site.

Improving and Investing in America’s Water, Wastewater, and Stormwater Infrastructure

According to the 2021 Report Card for America’s Infrastructure, our drinking water systems earn a grade of “C-” while our wastewater and storm water systems are currently pulling “D” and “D+” grades, respectively. When you consider the new segments being added to a deeply complex existing grid—increasing the risk when it comes to dangerous cross bores—and the simultaneously aging segment of pipes and facilities facing deterioration, it is clear that an infrastructure investment in the replacement and repair of our nation’s water facilities and pipes is of critical importance.

Video Pipe Inspection and 3D Laser Scans

It’s common for companies to purchase buildings and facilities for future business endeavors, but these buildings’ utilities are often not adequately marked. Poorly marked utilities can pose a severe hazard for facility managers, builders, and safety directors. Knowing where utilities and pipes are with certainty is an essential part of maintaining a safe facility and job site.

GPRS identifies and maps utilities and pipes through our state-of-the-art video pipe inspection equipment and our highly skilled Project Managers.