Baker Utility Partners is now a GPRS Company

GPRS is excited to announce our acquisition of Baker Utility Partners.

“This is a terrific opportunity for us,” said Dan Baker, President of Baker Utility Partners. “The new partnership with GPRS gives us additional capital and resources, enabling us to serve our customers better and support our growth.”

Baker Utility Partners is an underground utility locating company based in the Midwest that provides private utility locating and consulting.

Baker Utility Partners is committed to promoting safety and is involved in several national organizations that focus on safety. We’re working together because our core values are aligned around safety. We are passionate about safety, and it’s that passion that has guided us to 99.8%+ scanning accuracy.

Our goal is – 100% subsurface damage prevention.

Please join us in welcoming Baker Utility Partners to the GPRS Team. Additionally, please visit our website if you have any utility locating needs.