Leak Detection… WHO?

Safety: Your Priority, Our Focus.

GPRS is an industry-leading subsurface investigator because we place safety above all when we dive into the underground to locate all buried utilities, inspect sewer and water pipes, and especially when we scan concrete for reinforcement, rebar, and conduits. All of our services spin around the central theme of ensuring our clients project and facility sites are free from harm when they build, renovate, or expand on their construction projects. We know that safety is your main priority for your facility and its workers, which is why GPRS makes safety our focus.

Because we place such an emphasis on safety, GPRS has decided to add-on and create additional services for our customers so their subsurface infrastructure receives the thorough inspection that you and your employees need in order to feel protected and safe. With the brand-new acquisition of NYLD Infrastructure, this new service takes the form of Leak Detection.

But what is leak detection?

GPRS’ leak detection service is used to help municipalities, utilities, and industrial facilities maintain safe, efficient water distribution and fire protection systems. When you are unable detect the leak before more spread throughout the pipeline system or stop a critical leak from disrupting your fire alarm and protection systems, you run the risk of rampant, costly damages, in addition to leaving your bottom line and company employees exposed to these costly damages. By utilizing a leak detection service, GPRS can help ensure that your assets are protected, and your water system is safe for use.

Why is a leak detection system so important? How detrimental could one small leak be? Let’s put things into perspective.

If you read our U.S. Infrastructure Report Card blog post, you know that although American infrastructure has improved over the years, there is still a large margin for improvement inside the various categories that make up our country’s infrastructure, and one of those categories that could use the most work is the nation’s water pipes. Water mains all over the country are leaking by the thousands, and the situation is only getting worse, with less focus placed on its improvement. However, these leaks and pipe deficiencies will only get worse without proper leak detection, since you can’t fix the problem until you find it! Here are a few reasons why leak detection is important not only for the U.S. infrastructure, but for your company or household.

There are several reasons why leak detection serves as such an important staple point in the subsurface community. But since this is a blog post (and we don’t want to take up more of your time), we’ll focus on seven reasons why you should utilize leak detection as your next GPRS service.

The first and most obvious reasons are ones you probably already thought of: your water bill cost and water supply safety. If you pay your own bills, you know that water isn’t free, and the scarcer it gets, the higher the price goes up. More important, simply having a water supply isn’t enough. You should always make sure your water is safe for family members or any employees to use. If a water pipe is leaking, contaminants and other debris can find its way into the pipeline system, contaminating the entire property. By hiring a professional leak detecting service you not only save big money in the long term, but it can give owners a peace of mind knowing that their water supply is safe and pure for use.

Second, two factors that often get overlooked, but are still very important, are the effects on the environment and the cost of delay. Environment effects are fairly self-explanatory; U.S. freshwater supplies are under pressure as our population booms, while the requirements for water drastically increase. Droughts spread across the country, snowpack’s are being reduced each year and reservoirs in many states are at their lowest levels. But just in case you don’t care about what happens to the environment (you should), then a perhaps something closer to home will resonate: the expensive cost of delay. “Oh, it’s just a small leak. What’s the point of fixing it right now?” Well, the problem that arises when dealing with water leaks is that greater consequences can be even more expensive later on. Even a limited amount of damage can cause a great deal of trouble and expense later on, which is why quickly repairing the problem before it gets out of hand is essential.

But what happens when it’s not your property that gets damaged? You see, water leaks do more than just waste your water supply. Over time, a leak in the ground can cause significant damage to the foundation of a home or building, increasing moisture within the structure and jumpstarting the growth of mold and other infestations. Additionally, these water main breaks can become very expensive, not only for you, but potentially for other businesses as well. Due to how vast and quick water can spread from a main break, adjacent neighborhoods, buildings, and complexes are at risk of these costly damages. But the responsibility and considerable financial liability due to any property loss falls on the guilty party who chose not to take care of well-known water leaks beforehand.

Lastly, but not least, one significant benefit that communities get from water leak detection is that they are able to achieve maximum benefit from their current water supply system. As a result, they can delay implementing further expansions and additions to that system until they are actually needed. Needless to say, companies and businesses cannot only maximize their water supply system, but they can save money in the long-term by strategically planning updates and renovations to their water supply by having an up-to-date system.

Water leak detection is an important process. It protects businesses from costly damages, especially ones that have the ability to spread, causing more damage than you thought they could. This is why GPRS has added this additional, monumental service for our clients. You’re the ones who need the protection, and GPRS is here to provide that blanket of comfort. As we’ve seen there are many things that can go wrong with your water system, none of which is cheap and easy to fix. So let us focus on your company’s water safety because after all, safety is your priority but it’s our focus.