Video Pipe Inspection and 3D Laser Scans

It’s common for companies to purchase buildings and facilities for future business endeavors, but these buildings’ utilities are often not adequately marked. Poorly marked utilities can pose a severe hazard for facility managers, builders, and safety directors. Knowing where utilities and pipes are with certainty is an essential part of maintaining a safe facility and job site.

GPRS identifies and maps utilities and pipes through our state-of-the-art video pipe inspection equipment and our highly skilled Project Managers.

GPRS Glossary

It’s common for technical industries to develop their own jargon over time. Jargon is complex industry-specific language used in a particular trade, profession, group, or field of study. Sometimes jargon can be seen as convoluted or excluding, but it’s often necessary to communicate specific technical information.

Here are some common and uncommon words and phrases that you may come across when researching or communicating about utility locating, concrete imaging, leak detection, CCTV video pipe inspection, and more. Note that these are broad definitions meant to clarify the essential meaning for an average reader.

How Ground Penetrating Radar Works

Ground Penetration Radar (GPR) is a geophysical method of identifying what lies beneath the ground, typically using radio waves in the microwave band. GPRS uses this technology for private commercial applications such as utility locating, concrete imaging, and other services. The ability to find out what’s underneath the surface without breaking the ground is vital because it will provide critical subsurface infrastructure information in a non-invasive way. But ground penetrating radar went through multiple iterations before it became the staple to subsurface damage prevention that it is today.

GPRS Locates a Subsurface Water Leak at a Manufacturing Facility in Ypsilanti, MI

Have you experienced water loss? Do you have a spike in your water bill? Many of our waterlines are over 200 years old, and our existing infrastructure requires extensive updates due to water loss. GPRS provides leak detection services to pinpoint these water leaks and provide private utility locating to all types of projects. The following project took place in December 2021 at a large auto manufacturing facility. They showed water loss for 11 months and had jockey pumps running continuously to keep the pressure up.